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Armenia 亞美尼亞

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(Authentic in the English Language only以英文為準)


ANNEX 1 Central Government Entities

附件1 中央政府實體



Goods貨物                 SDR 130,000

Services服務                   SDR 130,000

Construction services建筑服務          SDR 5,000,000


List of Entities 實體清單

Administration of the President of the Republic of Armenia (RA)總統府

Administration of the National Assembly of the RA國民大會

Administration of the Government of the RA政府辦公室

Administration of the Constitutional Court of RA憲法法院

Chamber of Control of the RA審計院

Judicial Department of the RA司法局

Office of the Public Prosecutor of the RA檢查官辦公室

Special Investigation Service of the RA特別調查局

Office of the Human Rights Defender of the RA人權保護部

Central Bank of the RA (Note 2) 中央銀行(見備注2

Ministry of Agriculture of the RA農業部

Ministry of Defence of the RA (Note 3)國防部(見備注3

Ministry of Diaspora of the RA移民局

Ministry of Economy of the RA經濟部

Ministry of Education and Science of the RA教育和科學部

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the RA能源和自然資源部

Ministry of Finance of the RA財政部

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA外交部

Ministry of Healthcare of the RA衛生部

Ministry of Justice of the RA司法部

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the RA勞工和社會事務部

Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA自然資源保護部

Ministry of Sport  and Youth Affairs of the RA體育和青年事務部

Ministry of Territorial Administration of the RA國土管理部

Ministry of Transport and Communication of the RA交通運輸部

Ministry of Urban Development of the RA城市發展部

Ministry of Culture of the RA文化部

Ministry of Emergency Situation of the RA緊急情況部

National Security Service of the RA (Note 3)國內安全部(見備注3

State Security Service of the RA (Note 3)國家安全部(見備注3

State Revenue Committee of the RA國家稅務委員會

State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre of the RA房地產產權委員會

State Nuclear Safety Regulatory Committee by the Government of the RA核安全監管委員會

State Property Management Department of the RA財產管理局

General Department of Aviation of the RA航空總局

Police of the RA (Note 3)警察局(見備注3

Armenian Rescue Service亞美尼亞救援服務局

State Water Committee水利委員會

State Science Committee科技委員會

Central Electoral Commission of the RA中央選舉委員會

Public Services Regulatory Commission of the RA公共監管服務委員會

Social Insurance Commission of the RA 社會保險委員會

State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the RA經濟競爭保護委員會

Civil Service Council of the RA公務員管理局

National Statistical Service of the RA國家統計局

National Commission on TV and Radio of RA國家廣播電視委員會

Council of the Public TV and Radio of the RA公共廣播電視局

Marzpetaran of Aragatsotn阿拉加錯恩特市

Marzpetaran of Ararat亞拉臘市

Marzpetaran of Armavir阿爾馬維爾市

Marzpetaran of Gegharquniq額加爾庫克你市

Marzpetaran of Lory洛里市

Marzpetaran of Kotayq可歐他雅琪市

Marzpetaran of Shirak希拉克市

Marzpetaran of Syuniq休尼克市

Marzpetaran of Vayots Dzor瓦約茨-佐爾市

Marzpetaran of Tavush塔武什市


Notes to Annex 1附件1備注

1.  This list refers to all central government entities and subordinated organizations covered by Law on Procurement of the RA.本清單所列實體是指適用《采購法》的所有中央政府實體及其下屬機構。

2.  Central Bank of the RA: The Agreement does not apply to the procurement or acquisition by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia related to the sale, redemption and distribution of public debt, including loans and government bonds, notes and other securities.關于亞美尼亞中央銀行:本協議不適用于亞美尼亞中央銀行關于公債(包括貸款和政府債券、短期票據和其他證券)銷售、贖回、分銷相關的采購。

3.  Ministry of Defence of the RA, National Security Service of the RA, State Security Service of the RA and Police of the RA:  For these entities, the Agreement only covers the procurement of the following categories, subject to Republic of Armenia determinations under paragraph 1 of Article III:關于亞美尼亞國防部、國家安全部、國家安全部、警察局:根據GPA3條第1款,亞美尼亞決定本協議僅涵蓋這些實體的以下采購項目(以下編碼為《聯邦產品與服務代碼》(FSC)):






Railway Equipment



Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles (except  buses in 2310)






Vehicular Equipment Components



Tyres and Tubes



Engine Accessories



Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment



Woodworking Machinery and Equipment



Metalworking Machinery



Service and Trade Equipment



Special Industry Machinery



Agricultural Machinery and Equipment



Construction, Mining, Excavating, and Highway  Maintenance Equipment



Materials Handling Equipment



Rope, Cable, Chain and Fittings



Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment



Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety Equipment



Pumps and Compressors



Furnace, Steam Plant, Drying Equipment and  Nuclear Reactors



Plumbing, Heating and Sanitation Equipment



Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment



Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Fittings





Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment



Hardware and Abrasives



Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding



Lumber, Millwork, Plywood and Veneer



Construction and Building Materials



Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution  Equipment



Lighting Fixtures and Lamps



Alarm and Signal Systems



Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and  Supplies



Instruments and Laboratory Equipment



Photographic Equipment



Chemicals and Chemical Products



Training Aids and Devices



General Purpose ADPE, Software, Supplies and  Support Equipment






Household and Commercial Furnishings and  Appliances



Food Preparation and Serving Equipment



Office Machines, Visible Record Equipment and ADP  Equipment



Office Supplies and Devices



Books, Maps and Other Publications



Musical Instruments, Phonographs, and Home Type  Radios



Recreational and Athletic Equipment



Cleaning Equipment and Supplies



Brushes, Paints, Sealers and Adhesives



Containers, Packaging and Packing Supplies






Agricultural Supplies



Live Animals



Fuels, Lubricants, Oils and Waxes



Non-metallic Fabricated Materials



Non-metallic Crude Materials



Ores, Minerals and their Primary Products







ANNEX 2 Sub-Central Government Entities

附件2 次中央政府實體




Goods貨物                 SDR 200,000

Services服務                   SDR 200,000

Construction services建筑服務          SDR 5,000,000


List of Entities 實體清單:

1.Following local authorities as defined by RA Law “On Administrative-Territorial Division” No. N-062-I of 7 November 1995:根據1995117日頒布實施的《亞美尼亞行政區域法(N062I號)》規定的地方政府:

Municipality of Yerevan耶若宛

Municipality of Ashtarak阿什塔拉克

Municipality of Aparan阿帕蘭

Municipality of Talin塔林

Municipality of Artashat阿塔沙特

Municipality of Ararat阿冉然特

Municipality of Masis馬西什

Municipality of Vedi外迪

Municipality of Armavir阿爾馬維爾

Municipality of Vagharshapat維阿斯帕特

Municipality of Mecamor邁卡莫

Municipality of Gavar加瓦

Municipality of Chambarak查姆巴拉克

Municipality of Martuni馬圖尼

Municipality of Sevan塞溫

Municipality of Vardenis瓦德尼斯

Municipality of Vanadzor瓦納佐爾

Municipality of Alaverdi阿拉沃迪

Municipality of Akhtala阿克塔拉

Municipality of Tumanyan圖馬尼亞

Municipality of Spitak斯比塔克

Municipality of Stepanavan斯特帕納安

Municipality of Tashir塔什爾

Municipality of Hrazdan和冉旦

Municipality of Abovyan阿伯溫亞

Municipality of Byureghavan伯若格阿安

Municipality of Eghvard英瓦德

Municipality of Tsakhkadzor特撒卡卡佐爾

Municipality of Nor Hachn尼奧哈陳

Municipality of Charentsavan查倫特薩安

Municipality of Gyumri格宇莫瑞

Municipality of Artik阿瑞蒂克

Municipality of Maralik馬阿里克

Municipality of Kapan卡帕

Municipality of Agarak阿格若克

Municipality of Goris格瑞斯

Municipality of Dastakert達斯塔克特

Municipality of Megri莫格里

Municipality of Sisian斯思安

Municipality of Qajaran奎亞安

Municipality of Eghegnadzor英何格納佐爾

Municipality of Jermuk杰姆克

Municipality of Vayq瓦亞奎

Municipality of Ijevan愛杰萬

Municipality of Berd伯德

Municipality of Dilijan帝里簡

Municipality of Noyemberyan諾葉姆伯彥


ANNEX 3 All Other Entities which Procure in Accordance with the Provisions of this Agreement

附件3 協議涵蓋的其他實體



Goods貨物                 SDR 400,000

Services服務               SDR 400,000

Construction services建筑服務          SDR 5,000,000


All legal persons (authorities, establishments and foundations) governed by public law, particularly: 受公法約束的所有法人,包括:

1.  State or community non-commercial (non-profit) organizations;非商業(或非盈利)的國有或社會組織;

2.  Commercial organizations with over 50 per cent of government or community shareholding;政府或公眾擁有超過50%股權的商業組織;

3.  Public services, including utilities sector companies, whose procurement is covered by Law on Procurement.公共服務部門,包括公用事業企業。


Note to Annex 3附件3備注

This list of legal persons governed by public law shall be published in Procurement official electronic bulletin: 本清單中的受公法約束的法人實體應刊登在官方的電子采購公告系統(網址


ANNEX 4 Goods

附件4 貨物


Unless otherwise specified, this Agreement covers all goods procured by the entities included in Annexes 1 through 3.除非另有規定,本協議涵蓋附件1至附件3中實體的所有貨物項目。


ANNEX 5 Services

附件5 服務


This Agreement covers all services, which are identified in accordance with the United Nations Provisional Central Product Classification (CPC) as contained in document MTN.GNS/W/120. 本協議涵蓋所有文件MTN.GNS/W/120列出的服務項目,具體項目定義參見《聯合國主要產品分類(暫定版)》(CPC)。



ANNEX 6 Construction Services

附件6 建筑服務


Threshold 門檻價


SDR 5,000,000 for Annexes 1, 2 and 3.附件1、2、3門檻價為SDR5,000,000

List of construction services offered:列入出價的建筑服務清單

All services listed under Division 51 of the CPC. CPC51項下的所有服務。




附件7 總備注


The following General Note applies without exception to this Agreement, including to Annexes 1 through 6. 以下總備注無一例外適用于本協議的附件16。

1.  This Agreement shall not apply to procurements of agricultural products made in furtherance of agricultural support programmes and human feeding programmes. 本協議不適用于為促進農業支持計劃或人類食品供給項目而采購的農產品。


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